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Empowering and Serving Others Through Business

The Flossora Brand is headquartered in Detroit, MI, and also operates a satellite office in Flint, MI.  The Flossora Brand started in March 2021 with the mission to provide quality oral care products, and to empower and serve inner-city residents with men's mentorship training, jobs, and trade school scholarship opportunities.

Certified Minority Owned Business through The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)

SAM Certified through SBA.



To protect and brighten the beautiful smile God gave individuals through quality oral hygiene and teeth whitening products.  A smile is meant to last a life time, and we want to encourage individuals to invest in their smile through the use of our products.

To positively impact and empower both disadvantaged communities of Detroit and Flint with jobs and adult mentorship programs.  Both cities have had a long history of unemployment, poverty, and violent crime, thus the need for economic empowerment. 


Seeing the devastation of these long-term problems has motivated our company to grow and use the business as a vehicle to uplift these disadvantaged communities by providing new jobs, creating men’s mentorship training, entrepreneurship, and vocational trade school opportunities for young and middle-aged adults.  




We are vendors with the Veterans Administration, Meijer Corporation, and Landmark Food Center and are poised to continue growing our products across America. 


The Flossora Brand will share some of its profits to help create an oasis of opportunities in entrepreneurship, education, and employment for the cities of Detroit and Flint which both rank in the top 10 for poverty, and unemployment.

Beecher Community School District and Detroit Public School District

Student test scores are among the lowest in the state.  Students and parents could benefit from mentoring and having access to scholarship and trade school opportunities.

Flint WATER - Detroit Crisis

Thousands of Flint families and children have been negatively impacted by previous lead-contaminated water with the long-term effects yet unknown.   Detroit like the city of Flint has suffered massive financial challenges due to thousands of lost General Motors jobs over the last 30 years.  This has caused a negative trickle-down effect affecting many aspects of both cities.  Both cities could benefit from new job creation opportunities and mentoring programs for the inner-city youth.

Recently, many schools in the city of Detroit have also reported higher levels of lead in the schools' drinking water.  


Suburban Homes

adopt a block

"changing the world one city block at a time"

The Flossora Brand believes that each of us working towards a common goal can make a big difference in the earth.

The vision of Adopt-A-Block calls for individuals, churches, Non-Profits, or businesses to adopt a neighborhood block or school to improve or revitalize it.


The revitalization can take place through home purchases of vacant homes, home painting, lawn care, and empowering the block residents through personal, spiritual, and financial development.  Mentorship classes and scholarships can be offered at local schools to increase the probability of students maximizing their potential.

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